Misting Systems

Considering a Misting System?

Imagine your backyard mosquito free. Every day! With a misting system installed, you will have a continuous defense against mosquitoes. Similar to an irrigation system, we will program the system to spray at the ideal times of the day. And with the included remote, you can mist on demand! No longer will you have to use messy repellents or citronella candles every time you want to fire up the grill.

State of the art MistAway Systems

MistAway is the leading manufacturer of mosquito misting systems and we are the exclusive Hampton Roads installer! Our area is an ideal habitat for mosquitoes due to the extended warm and humid temperatures, heavy rains, tidal water and dense vegetation. The MistAway system is almost completely invisible once installed. These systems spray an all natural insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum flower called pyrethrum, through nozzles installed around your properties perimeter. Similar to the barrier treatments, the mist lands on plant foliage killing mosquitoes on contact.

Take Your Backyard Back

Please call or email to schedule a free system estimate. Average pricing for complete backyard protection is $2500 installed and varies based on lot size and layout.