How often does my property need to be treated?

Barrier spray mosquito treatment last up to 21 days. Your property will be automatically scheduled for a visit every three weeks during mosquito season.  If we find 21 days is too long, we can adjust to a 14 day schedule (Gold Package).


What parts of my property do you treat?

Our barrier spray (fogging) is targeted in the areas where mosquitoes shelter – in dense foliage, plants, shrubs, and in shady areas and under decks etc. We do not fog turf areas for mosquitoes, as that is not where they commonly are found. We can treat the lawn if you have a problem for ticks and/or fleas. Keeping the lawn mowed weekly will help keep mosquitoes at bay. We will also treat any low lying spots with larvicide, to kill mosquitoes before they hatch.


Does the treatment work against other insects?

The treatment is targeted towards mosquitoes, but also works against biting flies, gnats and no-see-ums.  We can treat the turf area as well for fleas and ticks if needed.


What products do you apply and are they safe for my family and pets?

We use products which are safe for you and your pets, and are EPA approved.  The product is a synthetic pyrethroid, which is derived from the chrysanthemum flower. These are also found in many bugs sprays you purchase, as well as flea and tick shampoos. The product is water based and mixed with water before being sprayed in targeted areas around your property.


Do I need to be home to have my property treated?

You do not need to be present when we come treat your property.  We will send an email reminder the day before we come out and the technician will leave paperwork at your property after the treatment is completed. We ask that gates be unlocked and pets be inside (if applicable).


What about rain?

We will schedule treatments around the weather. We will delay if heavy rain is forecast for later in the same day, but the treatment only needs 30 minutes to dry, so a light rain won’t alter the effectiveness.  We also place a granular larvicide in potential breeding sites which is activated by water.  This kills mosquitoes before they become a problem.


Why should I treat my property if the city already sprays for mosquitoes?

The city provided service only really helps the areas closer to roadways. Our trained and licensed technicians will target all areas in your backyard where the mosquitoes hide. The city spray only targets adult mosquitoes whereas we can apply larvicide in areas with standing water to kill the mosquitoes before they mature.