Barrier Sprays

Are mosquitoes keeping you from enjoying your backyard?

Our barrier spray treatment (fogging) is the quick solution to getting you and your family back outside. Our licensed, professional applicators will apply a spray around the property perimeter targeting plants, bushes and other plant foliage where these pests like to hide. The spray kills mosquitoes on contact and provides residual protection for up to three weeks.

Safe Chemicals

The chemicals used in this treatment are pyrethroids, which are a synthetic version of pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is an insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum flower. In addition to mosquito treatments, these chemicals can be found in other household insecticides, human lice shampoos, and pet shampoos. As an added bonus, ticks, fleas, and some flies are also killed with these chemicals.

In addition to the barrier spray, we will inspect your property for potential breeding grounds. Any areas of standing water will be treated with a larvicide to prevent mosquito larvae from being a future issue.


In Hampton Roads, we provide service from March through November. Our local climate is an ideal habitat for mosquitoes due to the extended warm weather, high humidity, heavy rains, tidal water and dense vegetation. We offer two schedule options for barrier spray protection.

Silver Package

Barrier spray and larvicide treatment once every 3 weeks. This package is a good starting point and is highly effective for the average property.


Give us a call or email for a price quote. Checkout our facebook page for specials.

Gold Package

Barrier Spray and larvicide treatment once every 2 weeks. This package is recommended for properties with heavy infestations. If your home is adjacent to dense forest, tidal water or you have drainage issues, this plan is for you. A permanent solution to a property like this is our on demand misting system.